Your Key To The Finest Ferrari Automobiles

This past Sunday, Collezione by MAG and Ferrari Beverly Hills participated in the 25th annual Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance. We had the opportunity to contribute to this Father’s Day tradition by displaying two very different Ferraris. Ferrari Beverly Hills arranged the exceptional presence of the all-new Ferrari Portofino, in what could be seen as the first American public appearance of this amazing Gran Turismo. This was a rare opportunity for many families to see the car in person, before it is officially delivered to the United States.  Collezione, on the other hand, displayed a magnificently restored 1964 250 GT Lusso, which is a clear testament to Ferrari’s unparalleled pedigree in manufacturing comfortable and luxurious gran touring motor cars.

Year after year, Ferrari Beverly Hills is delighted to participate in this father’s day event. It takes place in our home turf, just a few steps away from our historic showroom and it is the ideal way for thousands of fathers to spend their family day, as they show the children some of the world’s most interesting cars. Moreover, this event has a special relationship with Ferrari. In fact, back in 1993, as Maranello was gearing up to launch the 348 Spider, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo (former CEO) looked for a sunny and magical location to unveil his new convertible. He thought about Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, connected with local collector Bruce Meyer and the two gave birth to the event that has now celebrated its 25th edition. We’re looking forward to 25 more!

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