1969 206 Dino GT


Location: Ferrari Beverly Hills Collezione

Chassis: 00378

Engine: 2.0L V-6

Transmission: Five-speed manual

Designer: Pininfarina

Coachwork: Scaglietti

Mileage: 60,292 (Odometer showing 97,031 km)

Color: Rosso Dino | Black-gray Skai upholstery

Production run: 153


According to the research of Ferrari expert Marcel Massini, chassis No. 00378 is the 140th example of 153 cars built. Completed by the factory in February 1969, No. 00378 was finished in Rosso Chiaro and trimmed with long-grain Skai upholstery. Originally sold into Italian ownership, was imported to Northern California in the early 1970s.

San Francisco resident George Goodrich retained possession for a few years before selling the car to Akira Stevan Patrick of Woodside, California. The son of Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice William Patrick, Stevan lived on the Midglen Studio estate— designed and built by his father and three other apprentices of Lloyd Wright. Steeped in architectural flourishes, it was a fitting backdrop for Pininfarina’s artful design.


Early in his ownership, Mr. Patrick commissioned an exterior refinish in Rosso Dino and had the transaxle and engine rebuilt, after which the car experienced very little use, essentially becoming a display piece for the Midglen Studio. Other than these measures, the 206 GT features very original interior, correct mechanical and cosmetic appointments throughout. After 35 years of ownership, Mr. Patrick sold the car in 2013 to Gullwing Motor Cars, and the beautiful 206 GT was then purchased by the current consignor at the 2014 Gooding Amelia Island auction. He is particularly fond and knowledgeable on the Dino models, having owned as many as 15 different examples. He states: “I love driving them. I think they’re the most well-balanced mid-engine car that you could ever drive. You can drive them every day and enjoy them and go out and have a blast, and at the end of the day it’s still a Ferrari. I love the way they shift and corner. On a beautiful day on Mulholland Drive, my ideal driver is a Dino”.


Enzo Ferrari named his first son Alfredo, after his beloved father and brother. Growing up, he was known as Alfredino, or Dino. Enzo loved Dino and saw in him a lot of potential as an engine developer. Unfortunately, Dino was affected by muscular dystrophy and would be taken at the young age of 24, in 1959. Dino had been pushing for the production of a line of racing cars with smaller engines, and was working on a six cylinder motor from his hospital bed, together with famed engineer Vittorio Jano. As Ferrari wished to race in the new 1.6L Formula 2 category and the rules called for 500 production vehicles using that same engine, the 206 Dino GranTurismo was born in cooperation with Fiat; it would only see a production run of 153 as the 246 GT and GTS were later launched and built on an assembly line.


The 206 GT was a thoroughly modern vehicle with the V-6 engine transversely mounted behind the driver. Although Ferrari had pioneered this approach with the 206 S and 206 SP prototype race cars of the early 1960s, it had never been offered on a production car. The relatively small 2 litre engine was good for 180 horsepower; but the Dino weighted only 900 kg (1,980 lbs), and was built on a magnificent chassis. Its beautiful balance, responsive steering and easily modulated throttle steer, contributed to making it a true driver’s favourite.

The car was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti, whose pen gave it a sexy, low, coke-bottle body which departed from the design theme of previous Ferraris. It opened the doors to the “exotic era” of Ferrari design, which would give birth to the 512 BB, the 288 GTO, the Testarossa… The 206 GT featured an all-alloy body, along with distinctive marks such as a wood-rimmed steering wheel, narrow exhaust tips, chrome-plated fuel-filler cap, and Cromodora-style wheels.


This car was brought into production as a way for a father to pay homage to his son. Enzo would never fully recover from the grief of losing Dino, but he would make his name immortal by putting it on the badge of this beautiful car. With only five previous owners and accompanied by a partial factory tool kit and jack, this captivating alloy-bodied 206 GT invites collectors and enthusiasts to celebrate its unique place in Ferrari history.

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