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A Message from our President:

“Dear Friends,

To expand on the Group’s successful launch of Collezione, our newly dedicated department to classic and collector cars, the Mattioli Automotive Group is now proudly announcing its newest addition: Bacchelli & Villa.  Founded in 1972, Bacchelli & Villa is one of the most prestigious and renowned restoration shops in the world.  Specializing in Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati, you will find our shop a few miles drive, through scenic Italian countryside, from the Maranello factory.  There, you will meet skilled artisans working by hand with specially-crafted tools and classic techniques to bring the original life back into these classic cars and make what is old, new.

In the past five decades, Bacchelli & Villa has completed over 400 restoration projects.  Bacchelli & Villa’s work boasts some of the most significant chassis of Ferrari history such as the Ferrari 275 GTB4 owned by Steve McQueen, currently the most expensive 275 GTB4 ever sold at auction and just one of the 49 Ferrari 275 GTB restored by Bacchelli & Villa; or the Ferrari 250 GTO s/n 4675– One of only thirty-six 250 GTOs originally produced and one of a limited few with Series II GTO bodywork; and the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB  s/n 2735, the Ferrari most raced by Sir Sterling Moss, just to name a few.

The next time you are in Maranello, stop by for a personized tour of the Bacchelli & Villa restoration shop or visit them at the upcoming Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach on January 27th 2018 or at Retromobile in Paris Expo on February 7 – 11.

In the meantime, Mattioli Automotive Group has created this video and website to get a glimpse of past and present projects.

Happy Thanksgiving and see you at Cavallino Classics!


Giacomo Mattioli
President & CEO, Mattioli Automotive Group”

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